The Best Meal Delivery Service

After testing several meal delivery services, my boyfriend and I found that EveryPlate is the best! The weekly boxes are very affordable, every meal we’ve gotten has been delicious, and overall we’ve been satisfied with the service. Keep scrolling to see why EveryPlate is the best meal delivery service around and some of my favorite meals!

*I hope you love the service I recommend, I truly love EveryPlate! Just so you know, I do collect a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication. Click Here for meals at a discount of $1.66 per serving!

The Best Meal Delivery Service
Pork Katsu With pickled cucumbers

Here is how Everyplate works:

Choose a plan for either two or four people, with three dinners per week (or even four or five dinners for the two-person plan).

I do 5 meals per week for 2 servings and it comes out to about $58 dollars per week. Honestly that is way less that I would be spending at the grocery. Since I live with my boyfriend, we split the bill, so $29 a week is a steal!

The Meals are updated on a weekly basis and it’s been really fun discovering new meals that I would have been way to scared to have made before.

The Best Meal Delivery Service

“All of the ingredients are prepared, chilled, and packed right before every shipment to ensure you get the freshest meals possible.” Each box is insulated and has multiple ice packs to keep your meals cool and fresh! All of these reasons are why EveryPlate is The Best Meal Delivery Service

Meals I’ve Made So Far

I have done EveryPlate for at least 6 month now and I don’t think I can turn back! Checkout a few of my favorite meals so far…

The Best Meal Delivery Service
Sloppy Joe with pickled onions and wedge fries

The Best Meal Delivery Service
Balsamic Risotto with mushrooms and sausage
The Best Meal Delivery Service
Chickpea tacos with a charred pineapple salsa.. This one is a favorite of mine.

The Best Meal Delivery Service
Pork Katsu with pickled cucumbers

If you’re interested in giving EveryPlate a try, click this link for a discount of $1.66 per serving!

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