AeroGarden In-Home Garden System Review

I’ve grown one or two plants in my life so I am definitely a novice when it comes to gardening. Plus, I live in a small apartment which makes it very hard to grow fresh herbs and vegetables indoors successfully when there is limited light. That’s why I was very excited to receive my AeroGarden In-Home Garden System!

Keep scrolling for my experience using AeroGarden has a rookie gardener. There are affiliate links to products I truly recommend. I do receive a commission which funds my blog.

AeroGarden In-Home Garden System

What is an AeroGarden? “AeroGardens are foolproof, dirt-free, indoor gardens–so easy to use that anyone can grow lush, beautiful gardens, all year round.” It uses energy efficient LED lights that automatically turn on and off to grow the soil free, non-GMO pre seeded pods. The AeroGarden also has a reminder when to add more water, which is a nice feature.

AeroGarden In-Home Garden System

Earlier this year I had made it a goal to try and become a better cook (which I can proudly say I continue to become better at cooking everyday 😊) so having fresh herbs is something I’ve always wanted to grow and have when needed.

AeroGarden In-Home Garden System

My AeroGarden system included 6 pre seeded pods (Genovese Basil, Curly Parsley, Dill, Mint, Thyme, and Thai Basil), the US power plug, 6 grow domes, plant food and the garden system.

AeroGarden In-Home Garden System

They have multiple seed pods including an Asian herb set, fresh tea pod set, garden salsa and multiple more flower and veggies variations! I’ve already picked out the next herb set I want to try(Asian herb set).


  • Feed the herbs every 2 weeks (the feeding schedules are different based off of the set you have, make sure to read the Plant food instructions)
  • Keep the water in the garden topped up
  • Once a month, give the plants freshwater by draining the water from the AeroGarden and refilling with new water.

I will be updating this blog every Tuesday (starting 12/29/2020) for 8 weeks to show my AeroGarden in-home garden experience. Follow my blog or my Instagram stories at @hannah_alwayshungry to stay updated! ❤️❤️

Start of Week 1: The Set-up (12/28/2020)

Honestly the set up was very easy and simple, even for a new home gardner. There are 3 steps:

  1. adding water to the garden system
  2. then you drop in the pre seeded pods, leaving the pod label. Set the grow dome on top of the seed pods
  3. lastly you add the plant food to the water and turn on the light. The light will automatically turn on and off
AeroGarden In-Home Garden System

I actually think the design of the AeroGarden looks futuristic and cool. It blends in nicely making no noise at all. I was worried at first when i added the water that it be too noisy but, its not at all.

AeroGarden In-Home Garden System

I LOVE that the light automatically turns on & off AND that it will remind me to add plant food because I would definitely forget to do it on my own!

Start of Week 2 (1/5/2021)

Everyday I wake up with excitement, waiting to see my little herbs sprout! I will say, the light is reaaallllllly bright. And because I live in a tiny studio apartment, the light is more noticeable. I’ve gotten used to it though 😉 Here is my first week of progress so far with my AeroGarden….

AeroGarden In-Home Garden System
Genovese Basil has been sprouting the fastest so far

AeroGarden In-Home Garden System
AeroGarden In-Home Garden System

AeroGarden In-Home Garden System

Start of week 3 (1/12/21)

Everything is growing lovely except for the Thai Basil ☹️ no signs of life whatsoever! So today I ended up putting a few chive seeds into the Basil tub. Hopefully I’ll sprout some chives instead!

The Genovese Basil has been growing, but the Dill has been sprouting super fast!

Start of week 4 (1/19/21)

Look how much my little herbs have sprouted in 3 full weeks! My Genovese Basil and Dill have been growing fast and smells AMAZING.

In-Home Garden System

I am so excited to have fresh herbs around 😊 I daydream of all the recipes I can make! Leave me a comment below with a recipe you would make with these herbs!

In-Home Garden System

Still no signs of live in my chive/basil hybrid, but I will wait until the full 8 weeks to see if something happens lol. But look how beautiful that curly parsley is looking!

In-Home Garden System

I have been very impressed with my AeroGarden so far. I never thought I would be growing a mini garden in my tiny little apartment!

Start of week 5 (1/26/21)

I love documenting this journey because look how much my babies have grown in just a week!

The Basil and dill are thriving so after taking this picture I did trim them. AeroGarden recommends trimming the herbs that are growing faster to give space to its neighbors ❤️.

Still no life in my chive pod so that would be my biggest downside is that I can’t buy just ONE pod to put in that space. It only comes in variety packs on Amazon.

Stay Tuned for next week….

I will be updating this blog every Tuesday(starting 12/29/20) for 8 weeks to document my experience growing an indoor garden using AeroGarden! Make sure to follow my blog or my Instagram at @hannah_alwayshungry to see what happens!

In the meantime, check out my savory spinach cheese bite recipe! You will not regret making this!

savory spinach cheese bites

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